Laminated Glass (Lamisafe)

This type of glass is formed of three layers of material, namely two glass coating film sheets (PVB) the middle layer of taste windshield replacement Phoenix. This type of glass strength lies in his very powerful and tough so you can add strength glass, in addition to the function of this film is to keep if impacted, the glass will remain attached to the film. The glass can withstand the ultraviolet rays up to 96%. If you want to change your standard auto glass with this type, you can visit windshield replacement Phoenix and ask them to change it for you.

The use of Lamisafe glass type is for car windshields. Factors that make vehicle using auto glass with laminated type are:

– When the glass is subjected to impact or throw hard objects, broken glass will not scatter, especially areas limbs, because glass fragments stick to the film sheets.
– In addition, motorists can still see the road due to glass breakage is concentrated only in the area of collision.